The fabulous WoodUBend moldings  & appliques can be adhered to just about any surface with a good quality wood glue.  They can be easily molded to contoured surfaces with the help of a little heat from a hair dryer.   

As soon as the moldings warm up, they become flexible and can be bent in any direction, and cut with a pair of scissors 

 (yes its that easy).

They can be painted, stained and sanded just like wood.

Furniture, frames, mirrors, doors, walls, scrapbooking, journals - The possibilities are just about endless!! 

You can browse the available designs below OR use the search box (upper right of this page) by entering applique # or a search word to narrow your selection. 

If you're looking for large quantities of moldings or for a design you don't see -  please message me via the contact me page..  Items in stock will be shipped and on their way to you within 2 days (within the USA).

Customers can pre-order large quantities  and additional designs for personal or commercial use

with an estimated 4-6 week shipping time. 

 Are you interested in becoming a USA WoodUbend stockist?  Just click below to let us know!
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