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Image Downloads

The images on this page are my own high resolution photography that I am making available to you for your own decoupage and transfer projects.  After your purchase you will receive a confirmation email and a link to download and save the images to your own computer.   The images can then be printed as many times as you want for personal use as art prints, decoupage or image transfer.  

 The resolution and size is included in each listing so the pictures can be resized to fit your frames or decoupage surfaces.


 *Hint* Most office supply shops will print a requested size from an image saved onto a USB drive. 

Please message me if you are looking for something in particular AND also please note - there are some restrictions on use that you will find at the end of each and every listing.  I do maintain the copyright for each of the images. 

I hope to soon be adding a selection of napkins for decoupage. 

If you're looking for something to decoupage ON - please check the Craft Supplies Page for some fun shapes!  

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