Tintagel - The Legend of King Arthur   

"History and legend are inseparable at Tintagel"  Tintagel - The alleged birthplace of King Arthur. Was he real or just a myth? We will probably never know in our lifetime but in the words of Jean Jacques Rousseau - The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless. In 2016 English Heritage commissioned an 8 foot tall statue at Tintagel. Sculptor Rubin Eynon created a magnificent public artwork inspired by the legend of King Arthur. His bronze statue "Gallos" overlooks the Atlantic Ocean on the cliffs of Tintagel. This statue then became the inspiration for my textured painting. The painting is 3 x 2 ft - created  on wood with organic materials, metal content paint, pigments and patina and incorporates a magnificent 3D sword and trims. The original  (being sold unframed) is available for sale on this website.  Prints and decor items are also available (just click on the tab for Prints on this website) 

*PLEASE NOTE* This listing is for the original painting but all copyright and reproduction rights remain with the artist.   

Tintagel - The Legend of King Arthur Original Textured Painting


    Title: Tintagel - The Legend of King Arthur
    Year: 2021
    Size: 36 x 24 inches  (without frame) 
    Medium: Chalkpaint, gel medium, organic materials, metal content paint, metallic pigments, woodUbend embellishments on wood.

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