This listing is for Saltwash - a no VOC paint additive that artists and painters can use to easily create a genuine textured finish.

Saltwash® powder is an easy to use formula that can be mixed with any brand or type of paint! My favorite is Frenchic brand also available in this shop! Apply your mixture to any piece of furniture or surface to achieve an authentic time worn look, as if weathered from years on the coast, in just a few easy steps. It’s an instant and affordable genuine vintage look and a very easy method to achieve the Farmhouse Chippy style. 

Follow our easy 3 step process and helpful tips to achieve your desired effect! Saltwash powder is a no voc product and all of the ingredients in it are considered safe in a working environment. Saltwash® powder is manufactured in the U.S.A

* The 4 oz can will cover approx 3-5 square feet. Perfect for a sign background, tray or other small piece. The 4 oz can comes with a free pint mixing cup

* The 10 oz can includes a .5 oz scoop. When mixed with paint of choice, the 10-oz can will cover approximately 15-20 sq ft of surface

* The large 42-oz can includes a 2-oz scoop and Saltwash Stir Stick. When mixed with paint of choice, the 42-oz can will cover approximately 65-75 sq ft of surface.

Please choose one of the 3 available sizes. We also offer a "Just add Paint" kit in a separate listing.

Your order will include an instruction sheet with amounts for mixing and how to use Saltwash to achieve a layered weathered look. It's such a simple process with amazing results. For finished product ideas - you can visit There is also a Saltwash youtube channel!

Saltwash ® Paint Additive An affordable & easy way to achieve a textured finish

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