Jolie - Make Life Beautiful (A Paint Review)

Some of the best things in life happen accidentally. It's true. I wasn't really looking for a new brand of paint to try. I was lucky to have the opportunity to use a wide variety of paint brands in 2019 as the liaison for woodUbend moldings. Some great colors and cool products but none that really made my heart skip a beat. Until late November. When I ran across the Jolie website. It was like reading a book that I couldn't put down...... As they say in England (and perhaps other places but not the USA because ticks have a whole other meaning here..... ) The Jolie website ticked all myboxes ☑ I'll share some of the reasons I was so impressed but in the meantime - without further ado - let me show you the product and give a quick project tutorial.

Of the 42 pre-tinted colors available, I chose "Deep Lagoon". Isn't it scrumptious??

The "Color of the Year for 2020" is classic blue. Did you know? Now I feel all trendy lol But I also have a dresser to paint blue so it was a win win!

Now here's just one of the reasons I love the Jolie website - any artist or DIY'er can download "The Everyday Guide" in pdf format (for FREE) and/or watch tutorial videos directly from the Jolie website on how to do SIX (yes, I said 6) different finishes with Jolie paint. It's seriously like a free class!!

No more hunting through youtube videos or facebook pages and hoping you're getting accurate information! I'll give you the link to the website in a minute. Right now I really want you to keep reading!

I painted some sample projects using different techniques to see how the paint worked on different surfaces (it got an A+ on all) and I asked my followers which finish they liked best. The winner was this classic textured finish - created with Jolie's Deep Lagoon and their clear and dark wax. (One of the finishes in The Everyday Guide I might add!)

Isn't that yummy?? From the Jolie website: The textured finish is used to achieve a more rustic look, especially when used with colored Jolie Finishing Waxes. It highlights imperfections and creates depth on flat surfaces. The technique guide from the Jolie website gives a supply list and step by step instructions for this and each of the SIX (yes - I yelled that again) finishes. The supplies used here were the Deep Lagoon paint, Jolie clear and dark waxes and WoodUbend applique #1457 (more on WoodUbend in just a bit) and a bit of gold gilding wax.

Now I know a few folks that cringe when you mention the word "wax". I'm a bit of a wax addict myself. Wax has been used to seal paint finishes for HUNDREDS of years so I always feel a bit "genuine" when I'm waxing BUT not all waxes are created equal and some of the waxes on the market are just not very user-friendly. The Jolie waxes were soft and creamy with none of the atrocious chemical smell you get with some brands. The waxes come in 4 oz sample sizes for those that just want to try it or larger sizes for the pros. While I'm here in the wax section - Here are some of my own quick wax tips for using dark wax:

*Always use clear wax before using dark wax - especially if using on a lighter color.

* If you're new to dark wax - you can mix it with clear to make it a little less potent

* If you get too much dark wax on your project - just use some clear wax to remove it.

Now - back to Jolie

This project was created on a piece of left over mdf board (not even close to real wood) and the paint went on like a dream. I did a smooth coat first just to see what coverage was like. The water based paint is thick but no water was needed to dilute it. After that first coat - you would never have guessed it was a piece of mdf board.

I used a woodUbend molding on the board. Do you know what those are? If not - you HAVE to check them out. They are paintable, stainable, sandable, drillable (yes I know that's not really a word) moldings and appliques that BEND when you warm them up. Apply with a good quality wood glue and you add detail and dimension to anything you are creating! I'm the USA Liaison for woodUbend and I'm quite passionate about them. You can find 100+ designs on my website If you stick with me to the end - I'll give you a coupon code for free shipping! The jolie paint worked like a dream covering the woodUbend molding. The paint dried fairly quickly to a very nice matte finish. I then used some clear and dark waxes, wiping back the excess and finished off by rubbing some antique gold gilding wax on the raised woodUbend. I received a load of positive comments on the finished product and I was so happy with it that I decided to go ahead and become an affiliate for Jolie paint. Yes - I love it that much!!

Now let me share just a few more things about this brand that ticked my boxes ☑

*Jolie Paint is water-based, quick drying, non-toxic, and extremely low VOC Those are all must-haves for me.

*Jolie Paint adheres to almost any surface, including wood, matte plastics, stone, brick, concrete, and metal (again - must haves for me).

* You can order Jolie paint in 3 different sizes.

4 oz cans for small projects up to about 19 square feet. A full quart size can for up to 150 square feet (folks - please check your paint cans - one quart = 946 ml. I caution you that there are brands selling you 750 ml tins). AND - for those of you with large projects - gallon cans that will cover up to 600 square feet!

*You can also buy product kits - no more guessing on what you need. Whether it's a small project or you're ready to try metallics - there's a kit for you.

*A full line of products including paint, topcoat and waxes, embellishments, brushes and tools, gilding waxes and metallics.

* An AMAZING range of colors. Remember when I said there were 42 pre-tinted colors? Jolie has a Color Mixing Guide - an easy-to-use fan deck that showcases more than 300 custom color mixes with straightforward RECIPES that can be scaled up or down depending on how much paint you need. How cool is that??

*For large projects, you can order any of the 300+ color mixes from the Color Mixing Guide by the gallon directly from the website or any local retailer. AND (this is just so neat) - Jolie will match any paint color and deliver the paint (gallons only) directly to your doorstep. There are instructions on the website.

Do you see what I mean about this was the paint that made my heart skip a beat? But there's even more -

*Not sure what your style is? Take the Style Quiz on the website. You can also browse for inspiration by style, color, finish, project or room.

*And last, but certainly not least - if you're STILL not sure there's a form you can fill out on the website for a free color and finish consultation!

They won me over. Hands down. If you'd like to try this product - just click HERE

Because you have stayed with me to the end :) Here is the link to the FREE DOWNLOAD of the Jolie Instructional Guide.

It covers everything from materials, preparing your surfaces, step-by-step techniques, applying Finishing Wax and Floor Varnish, mixing colors, cleaning, and care.


The Basic Finish The Smooth Finish The Textured Finish The Distressed Finish The Dry Brush Finish The Washed Finish

I also have two coupon codes that you can use (because I REALLY appreciate you sticking with me all the way!)

To receive 10% off your first order at please use the code INF-PAINTINGLADY at checkout on the website

To get free shipping within the USA on woodUbend products from my website - including the starter packs and all of the trims - Just enter the code FREESHIPPINGFORME on all orders over $25.

I hope you've enjoyed this review! If you haven't visited yet - please visit the website at You'll find my original paintings and supplies that will help you create your own masterpieces. Thank you all - Take care and have a great day!!!


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