All you have to do is choose your plan

  • WoodUbend Club

    Every month
    Molding of the Month! Join the Benders Club!!
    Valid for 6 months
    • Moldings & Appliques add character & dimension to projects!
    • Join & receive the molding of the month delivered to you!
    • Links to Tips & Techniques provided
    • Provide your own glue, bases, paints & waxes
    • Use your new moldings on your own projects !
    • Shipping within the USA is included
  • WoodUbend Techniques

    Every month
    Add detail & character to furniture home decor & mixed media
    Valid for 6 months
    • Learn to use the incredible WoodUBend Moldings & Appliques
    • Receive a full project kit each month to learn & practice
    • techniques that you can use in your upcycling & art.
    • Paint them, stain them, and contour them to your project
    • Written instructions and online tutorial videos
  • Decoupage

    Every month
    Learn how to use decoupage techniques in your upcycling
    Valid for 6 months
    • Available April 2019
    • Each month you'll receive all materials and supplies
    • Learn to use scrapbook paper, photos, fabric & napkins
    • Written instructions & tutorial videos to teach techniques
    • Personalize and customize your upcycling & recycling
  • Stenciling

    Every month
    Add detail and and flair to your painted projects
    Valid for 6 months
    • Quality Stencils, Paint, Brushes & all materials needed
    • Basic Stenciling, Repeating Stencils, Letter Stenciling
    • Blended Colors, Stenciling with Wax & Raised Stencils
    • Written instructions & online tutorial videos
  • Beginner Upcycling

    Every month
    Chalk & Mineral Paint Techniques
    Valid for 6 months
    • Tested and trusted brands of chalk & mineral paint
    • Instruction on using clear, dark and colored waxes
    • Try some texture with Saltwash
    • Learn the basics of Dry Brushing and Blending
    • You'll receive 5 sample pots of paints
    • Brushes, decor projects, practice boards & much more.
    • Step By Step instructions on how to use each of the products

Welcome to the DIY Subscription Box Page!  

"How did you DO that?" is THE most common question I hear - whether I'm on facebook or at a gallery exhibition.

So I decided to set up a way to share some of the DIY painting and finishing techniques I've spent years learning

AND to provide you with the tried & trusted materials I use.

No more wasting hours and dollars shopping for and experimenting with things that just. don't. work.......

No more scouring you tube videos to find instructions

Whether you're a beginner or looking for advanced technique classes, I've got you covered! 


 I've set up 6 month subscription plans for each of my favorite DIY painting and upcycling techniques

You can read through the descriptions then just choose your plan below!

#1 The WoodUbend Molding of the Month Club Subscription Plan (Join the Benders Club!)   This is an option for newbies or pros - for folks that either already have a good experience base in upcycling and furniture finishes OR the ones that just want to try out something new!  If  you have your own stock of paint and projects waiting for some attention this could be the plan for you.  As a club member you'll receive a pre-selected WoodUbend molding (sometimes more)  the first week of each month for 6 months.   A little box of magic on your doorstep...... This is a great plan for you to build up a stock of this incredible product and you will also have access to the weekly tips and tricks videos created by the founder of WoodUbend moldings.

#2 WoodUBend Moldings & Appliques  (Techniques)  This is for upcyclers that want to learn new techniques.  Each month you will recieve not only WoodUbend Moldings but also ALL the supplies you'll need to complete a home decor project using the moldings. You will receive everything you need from paint & sandpaper to glazes and gilding waxes.   Your monthly supplies will come with detailed written step by step instructions (with pictures)  on how to complete your project.  You will learn and have hands on practice with techniques that you can use on all of your furniture, art & home decor projects.

#3 Stenciling  (Techniques) From Stenciling basics to raised plaster stencils.  Stenciling with wax, repeating stencils, color blending and letters for signs.  We'll cover it all!  Each month you will receive a quality stencil along with paint, brushes, waxes, tools, and much more to complete your own home decor project.  Detailed step by step instructions will be provided for each technique that you can practice in the comfort of your own home or shop.

#4 Beginner Upcycling with chalk & mineral paint.   This plan is a great way to try out tested and trusted brands of chalk & mineral  furniture paints.  You will have the opportunity to try traditional chalk & mineral paint with clear wax and colored waxes.  Try some texture with Saltwash, and even a little Dry Brushing & Blending.  You'll receive  5 sample pots of paints (one sample pot is enough to paint a chair or small table), brushes, decor projects, practice boards & much more.  Step By Step instructions on how to use each of the products  are yours to keep and refer back to as you use your techniques on your own furniture & decor projects.


Available by April 1st I  you will also be able to sign up for


and last but certainly not least - Master Level Furniture Finishes!

It will be like having a private consultant come to your home each month to teach you something new and exciting.

Quality eco friendly materials, written instructions (with pictures)

All the paint, brushes and supplies you need!

(I'll even send you drop cloths)

* Shipping with the continental USA is included  with each monthly plan*

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