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 About the Artist

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After 20+ years of running my own business/corporation in the field of Early Childhood & Special Education - I discovered that I love creating and painting. Old world looks, textured painting, faux finishes, decoupage, multi media, digital manipulation - I'm fascinated with combining techniques to create both physical and visual texture.  I'm very often found with plaster on my hands, glue on my shirt and paint in my hair - somewhere between self-taught artist and mad scientist.  Perhaps it's attributable to the many years I spent developing multisensory activities and curriculums for very young and special needs children -  I want to create art that is more than something to just look at.  I'm absolutely thrilled to watch someone look at one of my paintings and automatically raise their hands to touch it or look at it from different angles and then turn around and say "how did you do that??"  

After 18 months as the decorative painter  & class instructor at a wonderful shop and paint retailer in Edwardsville, IL, I decided to become a retailer myself.  In Nov of 2018 I became the very first USA retailer for an amazing product called WoodUbend moldings and appliques. They are a magical way to add dimension and character to your art, upcycling and home decor.   I am now part of a worldwide experience as the USA Southern States Distributor for all of the WoodUbend & Posh Chalk products.  It's been a wild ride and I am so grateful to be on it!  If you would like to know more just let me know!  You can find all of our products at (shipping anywhere in the USA) and you can also check our map to find your nearest local retailer. 

On a personal note - I'm a mother of 3 daughters that have grown up to be outstanding humans (just a little proud).  I'm Grammy to two - they are my pride and joy,  If you follow my pages you will undoubtedly see pictures of Gordon and Vivi Jo.  I'm also an avid dog mom - a trait passed on to my daughters (judging from the number of grand-dogs I now have....)      

Thank you for visiting and if you have any questions or comments,please just click on Contact Me

I did have an artist facebook page with thousands of followers but got hacked and lost access to it (Folks - be sure and set up 2 step verification on your social media).  You are VERY welcome to visit my active (and safe) Facebook page for Woodubend!  Click on that link right over on the the left to join me on Pinterest (where you can shop or just browse cool stuff) and Instagram! 

Visit the SHOP tab on this site to reach sale listings of my original art and prints in all shapes and sizes. 

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